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About HexaGame

Our goal is the realization of innovative video games, integrating forms of bio-inspired artificial intelligence in order to improve the gameplay (gaming experience) of our products.

Being experienced in the field of Web and applications development, we naturally headed towards the programming of network games over Internet.

Our first project in this field has the code name « m3n », is presented below.

Bio-inspired computing

The bio-inspiration is a technique which consists in getting inspired by the nature and its mechanisms to develop new systems.

Applied to computing, this gave birth to various training processes with or without networks of artificial neurons and genetic algorithms, to mention only these two applications.

Current project


This project consists in a simulation of evolutionary artificial populations distributed in several environments, with the goal for the players to take the control of the universe of this game with his/her populations. It is on this simple idea with the infinite outcomes that we decided to apply our first theories based on the bio-inspired artificial intelligence.

m3n - Official website